earSmart LogoWhat is earSmart™?

earSmart™ is an intelligent voice processor that dramatically improves the user experience of mobile devices. With a tiny earSmart™ processor inside your mobile device, you can enjoy:

  • Improved voice quality, for clear conversations even when it’s noisy
  • Higher accuracy for voice-enabled applications and speech recognition services
  • Enhanced audio for multimedia recording and playback

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Reverse-engineering human hearing.

What makes earSmart™ technology unique is that it can hear just like we do. Based on pioneering work to reverse-engineer the brilliance of the human hearing system and replicate its processes onto a chip, earSmart™ processors bring auditory intelligence to your mobile device.

In the same way we can have a conversation, even in a noisy room, earSmart™ processors hear and distinguish sounds, isolate and enhance your voice and suppress surrounding noise. The end result is a mobile device that delivers a better experience across three key areas:


  • Communications: clear conversations in nearly all situations, however you talk, from hands-free on your smartphone to video chat over VoIP; earSmart™ enables wideband high-definition (HD) sound quality for richer, life-like calls

  • Speech Recognition: dramatically improved accuracy and performance for speech-based services, such as voice search, voice dialing, navigation, speech-to-text or voice as a user interface

  • Multimedia: improved sound quality for multimedia capture and playback, from movies to music, or recording audio for video, voice memos, and more

heardlogoHear and be Heard™

Use your mobile phone in more places with earSmart™ technology. Talk to anyone, at any time without worrying about surrounding noise, having to find a quiet place, or missing an important call. Stay connected, accessible and productive wherever you go.