The Science Behind earSmart™ Technology

A noisy environment is highly disruptive to all forms of mobile communication – Audience has taken a unique approach to solve this challenge. Working with leading experts in auditory neuroscience, our engineers sought to understand the complex processes of the human auditory pathway, from the inner ear to the brain, which allows us to process and perceive sounds.

We then mapped the science of human hearing, to reverse-engineer the process: from the ears which capture all the sounds around you, to the inner ear that translates this information to a form the brain can manage and process, to the brain which distinguishes and identifies specific sounds in the world around you. These intricate functions provided a roadmap for our team to design a voice processor based on these biological processes and named it earSmart™. Our earSmart Advanced Voice processor is designed to harness the complexity and performance of human hearing to deliver breakthrough voice enhancement and noise suppression in mobile devices.

Audience is a pioneer in developing commercial products based on the science of Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA) to manage the characterization, grouping and processing of complex mixtures of sound. This unique capability is what enables Audience technology to provide a highly accurate, efficient and consistent solution for various types of acoustic noise, stationary and non-stationary, from both the transmit side of the call (surrounding your phone), and the "far-end", received from the other end of the line.

The science of CASA, deployed in our earSmart technology, enables Audience to effectively address the various types of noise found in our everyday environment