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  • venture-beat-latest-newsMonday, 2 Mar 2015
    Audience launches a sensor chip that fuses voice and motion

    Audience, maker of voice processing chips for smartphones, is branching out today with its first processor that combines both voice and motion. The Audience N100 is a multisensory processor that combines the existing voice processing and recognition technology with the motion-sensing that Audience acquired with its aquisition of Sensor Platforms last year.
  • toms-guide-latest-newsMonday, 2 Mar 2015
    Chip Changes Phone Behavior Based on Your Movements

    Your phone can learn a lot about your surroundings, even if you don't have a GPS or Wi-Fi signal. Announced at last week's Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Audience Inc.'s NUE N100 motion and voice-sensing chip can change your phone's behavior based on data from its accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope. At the company's booth, we got a chance to see just a few of the benefits of the chip's MotionQ technology and how it can change your calling experience based on where you put your handset.

  • nue-chip-latest-newsMonday, 2 Mar 2015
    Audience N100 Chip Aims At Natural User Experience

    Audience, the company renowned for its audio-processing chips is going to the next level by using its Neuroscience intellectual property (IP) to provide smartphones with a higher level of context-awareness, thanks to the interpretation of data from sensors embedded into the phone. Increased awareness may lead to even smarter devices that know when you’re holding them, or when they can turn off functions to save power in ways that were not obvious before.

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