Android DevOps Engineer - Mountain View, CA

Job Details

Design, develop and manage Gerrit driven, Android continuous integration loops for both internal and external software development.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement a Gerrit driven Continuous Integration loop for multiple baselines
  • Provide guidance for and implement a basic functional test validation system
  • Manage and configure Gerrit and git access for both internal and external users
  • Help to migrate an existing Perforce flow into git
  • Stay up-to-date on repo and other Android development tools
  • Work with IT to integrate the system and scope additional hardware
  • Provide support to internal and external users of the CI loop and test system

Required Skillset and Experience

  • Ability to use the Android SDK and all tools listed on under Tools Help
  • Ability to create and review changes for Gerrit and participate in a continuous integration loop
  • Ability to rebuild the entire Android system including the kernel, middleware (AOSP) and applications
  • Knowledge of and use of Android mailing lists and other mechanisms to get support
  • 3+ years running an Android continuous integration loop
  • 3+ years setting up and supporting Gerrit
  • 3+ years managing Git for internal and external users
  • Experience supporting customer focused integration baselines
  • Experience scaling for internal and external users
  • Able to articulate a plan and productively work across departments to implement company-wide initiatives
  • Proven ability to effectively work with customers on software integration.
  • Good troubleshooting skills.
  • Establishes operational objectives
  • Implements strategic policies, methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results
  • Establishes and assures adherence to budgets, schedules, work plans and performance requirements
  • Experience with partner relations a plus