Android Platform Engineer - Mountain View, CA

Job Details

Manage and improve Android platforms on single board computers, phones and tablets for internal and external development as well as for continuous integration automation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain Android platform baselines
  • Review platform changes via Gerrit
  • Create releases
  • Actively participate in the communities
  • Support internal and external customers
  • Integrate boards into Continuous Integration loop

Required Skillset and Experience

  • Ability to use the Android SDK and all tools listed on under Tools Help
  • Ability to create and review changes for Gerrit and participate in a continuous integration loop
  • Ability to bring up Android on platforms from scratch
  • Ability to rebuild the entire Android system including the kernel, middleware (AOSP) and applications
  • Knowledge of and use of Android mailing lists and other mechanisms to get support
  • Direct experience supporting, upgrading and developing Android on one or more single board computers or phones
  • 8-10+ years of software engineering experience
  • 4+ years of experience enabling Android on devices
  • Ability to set up and support multiple Android builds
  • Ability to perform topic based Git management across many gits
  • Able to enthusiastically support users
  • Able to effectively debug issues in all layers of the software stack and integrate changes in the entire stack
  • Experience supporting customer focused integration baselines
  • Able to articulate a plan and productively work across departments to implement company-wide initiatives
  • Proven ability to effectively work with customers on software integration
  • Good troubleshooting skills.