Technology Advisors

Audience has brought together some of the world's best technical minds to advise the company. This esteemed group of individuals has made significant contributions of their own in the fields of neuroscience and auditory systems.

Technology Advisory Board

Robert Colwell, PhD, former chief architect of Intel's Pentium line of microprocessors
Vladimir Cuperman, PhD, speech coding and recognition researcher and entrepreneur
Hynek Hermansky, PhD, professor at the Center for Language & Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University.
Ray Kurzweil, PhD, world-leading inventor, entrepreneur, futurist and National Medal of Technology recipient
Carver Mead, Professor Emeritus, California Institute of Technology
Lawrence Rabiner, PhD, former vice president of research, AT&T Bell Labs

Scientific Advisory Board

Jont Allen, PhD, associate professor, University of Illinois
Ellen Covey, PhD, professor, University of Washington
Eric Knudsen, PhD, professor of neurobiology, Stanford University
Christine Portfors, PhD, assistant professor, Washington State University, Vancouver
Bill Rhode, PhD, professor emeritus, Neurophysiology, University of Wisconsin, Madison Medical School
Christoph Schreiner, MD, PhD, professor and vice chairman UCSF Department of Otolaryngology
Shihab Shamma, PhD, professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and ISR Department, University of Maryland
Tom Yin, PhD, professor, Neurophysiology, University of Wisconsin, Madison Medical School