The foundation for the company began with the vision of creating electronic systems that could hear the way people do. As a student and researcher, Dr. Lloyd Watts worked with leading neuroscientists to understand the way people actually hear, process, and perceive sounds. He first designed a chip that modeled the human cochlea, the portion of the inner ear that converts vibrations into electrical signals that are processed by the brain as sound. He then led development of a technology solution that could reproduce functions of the human hearing system, from the inner ear to the brain, reverse-engineering how complex mixtures of sound are grouped, evaluated and processed.

History page image of a woman using a mobile deviceAudience was founded by Dr. Watts to create a company that would commercialize auditory neuroscience for the mass market. From that foundation, the company began development of products based on the science of human hearing, creating its earSmart™ intelligent voice technology. earSmart Advanced Voice processors work like the human ear to enhance voice quality and suppress noise, with the goal to improve communications for the mobile, telecom and computing markets. The company’s first voice processor chip was introduced for mobile phones in 2008. 

Today, handsets featuring our earSmart technology are available from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sharp, and Pantech in markets across Asia, North America and Europe. 






·       Company founded by Dr. Lloyd Watts


·       (Nov) Company becomes a founding member of the Google Open Handset Alliance


·       (Feb) Company launches 1st product, the A1010 voice processor at CTIA

·       (Feb) Company wins 2008 GSMA Mobile Innovation Global Award for “Most Innovative True Mobile Startup”

·       (May) Announces first shipping device in Japan with Sharp and NTT DoCoMo

·       (Jul) Business launched in Korea, working closely with LG Electronics and SK Telecom

·       (Sep) Company wins Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award

·       (Oct) Company launches the earSmart A1024 voice processor


·       1st shipments in in Korea, US, Europe and China with customers including Samsung, HTC and Pantech and


·       (Jan) Company launches the A1026 voice processor

·       1st phone with 2 microphone far-talk capability,

·       (Jan)Company enters partnership with AT&T begins shipping mobile phones equipped with earSmart technology

·       (Oct) Company launches earSmart™ A1028 voice processor, industry’s 1st product to offer processing capabilities that improve mobile speech recognition performance in noisy environment


·       (Feb) Company launches earSmart brand and its first product in the family, the earSmart eS310, enabling noise suppression for wideband HD Voice capable devices

·       (Feb) Selected as shortlist nominee for 2011 GSMA Global Mobile Awards in the category of Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough

·       (May) Company named to the annual FierceWireless “Fierce 15” List of top privately held wireless companies for innovation and creativity in wireless technologies and applications

·       (Jun) Company launches earSmart eS305, bringing wideband noise suppression and speakerphone mode to tablets

·       (Nov) AT&T Introduces 8 new handsets powered by earSmart technology including the Samsung Galaxy S III Skyrocket and the HTC Vivid.


·       (Feb) Company launches the earSmart eS110 Advanced Voice processor, enabling single microphone noise suppression capabilities for the feature phone segment

·       (Feb) Company launches ASR Assist, enabling higher accuracy performance for speech –enabled applications such as voice search and command, navigation and speech-to-text

·       (May) Company announces its initial public offering on May 10, 2012 at $17 per share

·       (May) Samsung launches the Galaxy S III, featuring the Audience earSmart eS305 Advanced Voice processor

·       (Aug) Company penetrates China market with first in a series of design wins with Chinese OEMs - the Xiaomi Mi2

·       (Sep) Company continues ramp in China with launch of Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL

·       (Nov) Company announces that the Nexus 10 tablet from Google uses its earSmart eS305 Advanced Voice processor to enable accurate completion of voice-enabled tasks, regardless of the surrounding noise, as well as delivering leading noise-suppression performance for clear video calls.

·       (Dec) The BBK vivo X1 - the world's thinnest Android smartphone - is launched in China, powered by Audience earSmart technology. 


·       (Jan) Audience launches the earSmart eS515, the world's first Smart Sound processor, combining the company’s award-winning Advanced Voice processing technology with its first high-performance, low-power audio codec for a best in class voice, speech recognition and multimedia experience on a mobile device.

·       (Jan) Company announces entrance in PC space with first design win - the Dell Vostro 5460

·       (Feb) Huawei announces the Ascend P2 - powered by the earSmart eS305 Advanced Voice processor

·       (Feb) Audience launches the earSmart eS325 Advanced Voice processor, featuring the newest technologies necessary for the best-sounding voice experience on many of the year’s most highly anticipated mobile devices.

·       (Mar) Samsung announces the Galaxy S4 - the first smartphone to ship featuring the new earSmart eS325 Advanced Voice processor

·       (May) LG announces the Optimus G Pro featuring the earSmart eS325 Advanced Voice processor

·       (Jun) Audience announces partnership with China Mobile to assist them in establishing and implementing smartphone specifications and testing for voice quality, noise suppression and speech recognition across the operator’s upcoming smartphone offerings. The two organizations are also partnering on the design of state-of-the-art voice quality testing laboratories, essential to assuring an excellent voice and audio experience for China Mobile subscribers.