The Leading Voice in Voice

  • Founded 2000:Targeting growing mobile device market
  • Offices in US, China, Korea, Taiwan, India
  • Over 400M voice processors shipped to date
  • Developer of the world’s most intelligent voice processor

Audience is a leading global provider of advanced voice and audio processors for mobile products. With our earSmart™ intelligent voice processors, we’re innovating “brain-like” technologies that allow mobile devices to deliver better voice quality for clear conversations in nearly any setting, higher accuracy and performance for speech recognition services, and enhanced audio for multimedia recording and playback, including mobile video, music, and more.

New feature-rich devices, from smartphones to tablets, combined with the expansion of broadband networks, are creating a new array of mobile communications and audio capabilities. Whether video chatting with a friend, making hands-free speakerphone or VoIP calls, voice searching the internet, navigating by command, even capturing video, voice processing now matters more than ever for clear, high quality sound.
Audience's breakthrough earSmart processor enables this new category of Advanced Voice. For a higher quality sound experience, it's a critical feature for the latest mobile devices. With earSmart Advanced Voice technology you can "Hear and Be Heard" with clear conversations, just about anywhere.
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